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Upper Chesapeake and Annapolis

We’ve been loving our time in the Chesapeake. We spent a few days idling our way down the Chesapeake, making slow progress to Annapolis. Our biggest concern is dodging crab pots–they’re everywhere, especially where we want to anchor…. Read More

Three Months Out

Three months cruising!!! Can you believe it? One the one hand, we feel like we’ve just started this journey..but on the other hand, Michigan feels like ancient history. We were thinking about our progress, and realized how stressed… Read More

Run away!

Well, we survived our first hurricane, and fortunately for us, it was a total non-event. After a terrible introduction to ocean sailing (the boat behaved beautifully, the wind was excellent, and everyone was incapacitated by seasickness), we pulled… Read More

Cost to Cruise: August

  Note: This post was written in Atlantic City a couple of days ago. Since then, based on our own observations and the advice of a long-time cruiser, we have chosen to run up the Delaware Bay in… Read More

Boat, inside

Before we bought our boat, we looked at SO MANY BOATS online. Months and months of perusing, of course, but also lots of time looking at other cruising blogs and seeing what was actually working for people… Read More