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O Canada!

We’ve crossed the border. We keep trying to impress on our kids that this is an entirely different country, and the first time they’ve left the US, but they don’t really see it. Everything looks more or less… Read More

Report Card: One Month Out

We have just spent the entire day with all the settee cushions free of junk, nothing on the berth in the V but the blankets, and a cleared-off chart table. I think we’re getting organized, y’all. While the… Read More

South Manitou

Sometimes, when you get up really early, you can upload a whole bunch of photos to the blog before the rest of the marina uses up all the Wifi bandwidth.

Report Card: Two weeks out

It’a been a mixed bag over here at s/v Milou–some things have gone very well; some things, not so much. In the “Awesomeness” column: Anchoring. We’re getting better, and our anchoring setup is pretty solid. Refrigeration. SOOOOO happy… Read More

Escape from Milwaukee

Early yesterday morning over coffee, Michu and I realized that we were done being in Milwaukee. Pridefest was being succeeded by Polishfest, with an art fair on the other side of the harbor, and we just couldn’t take… Read More