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Things whose value we didn’t understand two months ago

Our Bimini I mean, we knew a bimini was an important feature; sun protection is a priority, and you almost never see a cruising boat without one. When we were getting the mast down in Buffalo, one of… Read More

Hard Aground

So the other day, I was enjoying my post-coffee time in the head, when the whole boat slowed down. It wasn’t that gradual, we’re-coming-to-a-lock slowdown—it was violent; the bow dipped way down, and I almost slid off the… Read More

On to the East

We left Cleveland and pushed kind of hard to get to Buffalo. The less said about our time on Erie the better; we had unfavorable winds and not-wonderful marina time, and with the exception of beautiful Presque Isle… Read More

Cleveland Rocks

  Of course, as soon as I posted about not stopping, we stopped. We ended up spending three days in Cleveland, waiting on fairer winds, and saw a lot of different sides to the city. Flavor one: revitalized… Read More

On Not Stopping

Detroit’s a pretty interesting city. They’re trying so many ways to pull themselves out of a rust-belt identity—we personally know at least one artist who has moved here to take advantage of cheap, soaring spaces—and there’s some fascinating… Read More