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Miss me?

Greetings from life on land! It’s been a while. We’re entrenched. Maybe it’s time for a little update? The Kids:  First day of school pics Whelp, we didn’t totally ruin them, which is no small relief. Both kids… Read More

Reentry: things that are freaking us out

A list. Cheese curds. We now live in Wisconsin, where fresh squeaky pieces of cheese are coated in something delicious and deep-fried. To be clear: this is a basket of piping-hot cheese, to which you add more fat. It… Read More

Soft landing

We’re working slowly towards reentry over here. The last month has been a continuing whirlwind of visits–to family and friends, from Colorado to Minnesota. The Colorado Contingent We lucked out in Denver; Michu’s brother was visiting for his… Read More

The big post about money: what did two years of cruising cost, and why?

It’s really weird to not be keeping track of our expenses any more. We might have to pick it back up, once we’ve landed back in real life; it’s been interesting to see where we’ve spent the money… Read More

We are different. We are the same.

At one point in our trip, we were discussing the current political situation in the US with some Germans, and the woman cautioned her husband to watch his choice of words–they didn’t know exactly how we stood on… Read More