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We’ve been trying to leave Costa Rica for a lot of days…but things are proving to be a bit sticky. Our exit strategy started out well enough; we got our national zarpe in Puntarenas to officially take us… Read More

Tropical Storm Nate

So maybe Puntarenas is not the place I would have chosen to spend an entire month, but it’s not too bad. We’re still cooling our heels a bit as we wait for the end of hurricane season, so… Read More

Cost to Cruise, September 2017

Boilerplate disclaimer: this is not what it will cost you to go cruising. People’s constant advice, discussing cruising finances, always seems to be: It’ll cost what you have. We did not find this helpful in our planning, however… Read More

Change of Pace

We were able to enjoy ten days with Michu’s mom, Rebeca, and our friend Susannah (hereafter referred to as “The Abeuelas”), and it was a great change of pace. Slightly diminishing the fun: I’ve managed to have a… Read More

Up to Puntarenas

As it turns out, Costa Rica is not a very big country. We took out time getting up to the sheltered waters of Puntarenas, but it still didn’t take long to find our way up the whole Gulf… Read More