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No Time to Hibernate

Last weekend I made a social visit to the Twin Cities. A good friend mentioned that the nice part about Midwestern single-digit temperatures is that it gives me time off from working on the boat. If only that were… Read More

Telling everyone

We like you very much but…we won’t be sending you a card next year! Our family plans to spend two years traveling on our Beneteau Frist 38 sailboat. Postage from the Bahamas costs too much! Follow our trip… Read More


Temps are about to drop back into single-digit highs around here, and we are deep in a week of paperwork. A grim situation all-around. A sample of what we’re working through: Banking. No fewer than three separate cues… Read More

Pack it up, pack it in

I’ve always backtracked through new-to-me blogs, to find the parts about prep. Maybe obviously, since that’s where we are in our lives…but I find it more fascinating that the actual travel sections of blogs, because that prepping part must… Read More

Electricity Part 4 – Three ways to fill a battery (mostly alternator)

Persistence. Whether repeating the same tired joke for the thousandth time, or not giving up on a difficult IV start, or relentlessly describing the DC systems on a cruising boat, persistence is a quality that has served me… Read More