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Travel versus sailing

Among cruisers, there’s a tendency to self-categorize between those who sail to travel–experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, seeing new things;  and those who are in it for the sailing–feeling the breeze in your face, listening to the… Read More

Fortunately, Kris is good at the sewing.

  Hey! I sewed something! Look at these beautiful…dishcloths! From there, it’s just a short leap to recovering the settee cushions, yes? Uhm……nah. There is zero question that I would have lost my mind trying to figure out… Read More

Let’s talk about privilege. It’ll be fun!

We’re still thinking about how to discuss money on this blog. When we were in the early planning stages, we searched everywhere for budgeting advice more specific than, “It’ll cost whatever you have.” We found some helpful info… Read More


If you haven’t visited the Interview With A Cruiser project yet, you should head over there immediately. I’ll wait. Back? Ok, here’s our interview series: Interview With a Kid. We’re zeroing in on 100 days until we’re living on… Read More

Good food and plenty of it.

That was the motto of the staff at Chanterelle, and it applies around here as well. We get asked about food a lot when it comes to the boat. I think some people don’t realize that we do, in fact,… Read More