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Southern Costa Rica

Southern Costa Rica is lovely.¬† Some 25% of all land in Costa Rica is devoted to National Park. For the most part, Costa Rica was ignored by Spain when part of her empire, and not very developed; furthermore,… Read More

Marine biology lesson

On our way to Manuel Antonio National Park, we came across five or six humpbacks whom we think were bubble net feeding. The result: In the words of the ten-year-old: it never stops being cool!

Isla Parida and Exeunt

When it comes to checking in and out of the country, Panama can be, shall we say…casual. In some places, they stand at the dock to make sure you’ve left, but many people cruise Panama for a month… Read More

Boca Chica

Boca Chica is not what we expected. Right near¬†Panama’s second-largest city of David, Boca Chica has a rep for being a sport fishing center for this side of Panama. As such, we expected to find pretty substantial boating… Read More

Now, that’s a worthwhile passage!

On the way from the Secas to Boca Chica, after once again narrowly missing a whale….. …we caught this. Using this: Yeah, that’s a lure fashioned from a Lay’s potato chip bag. Thanks to my friend Martin Johnson… Read More