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We're zeroing in on 100 days until we're living on the boat. Are you guys excited? 
T: Yes!! 
F: Kinda'.
What are you looking forward to the most? 
T: Fishing. 
F: Uhhhhh...just going new places.
What do you think will not be fun? 
T: When I'm seasick, something's broken and it's really wavy out.
F: That sometimes we won't be able to contact and talk to our friends for a long time...and big waves, and throwing up, and stinky farts.
What are you worried about? 
T: When I get sick. 
F: When things break, I think I'll be pretty worried.
What is your favorite thing about the boat? 
T: Probably how I get to explore new islands. 
F: That I get my own room, and that everyone seems pretty happy about the boat in this family.
What place are you most excited to see? 
T: I have no idea! 
F: Washington, DC, 'cuz I love presidents.
Resident puker.
Resident puker.
She has some concerns.
She has some concerns.

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