Update from the Bahamas…

After a less-than-ideal crossing, we are in the Bahamas! Currently, we are hanging out in Highbourne Cay with three other families, waiting for the high winds to relax a little. Internet connectivity here is terrible, rare, and expensive, so real posts will have to wait a bit. We may be putting up some photos on Facebook, so come join us at Deb Lease, if you’d like.

5 Comments on “Update from the Bahamas…

  1. Sub zero temps forecast for Madison. Feel better? Wishing you all a wonderful tropical Holiday. Tom Kate

  2. Well at least you are making progress . Enjoy a little scuba diving .
    HUGS Hector & Bob.

  3. hey Michu
    How are you…we have an open shift???? probably not!
    Thinking about you and your adventure!

  4. Hi Travellers! Just catching up on your blog and dreaming of tropical evenings bobbing in the warmth. It snowed 2 cm here this week and Vancouver Island has been thrown into chaos (doesn’t snow in this tiny corner of Canada). Have a mai tai/pina colada/ shot of tequila on the deck for us. Happy early birthday, Tino. You arrived on a snowy day ten years ago just as we were leaving Madison. Celebrate well!!!

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