Solar success

Fortunately, there’s a great weather window coming up for us on Monday!

Unfortunately, the solar panels stopped charging the batteries on Friday morning.

Fortunately, we were able to contact Midnite Solar and talk through the problem with their excellent tech support!

Unfortunately, they couldn’t solve the problem.

Fortunately, the company had a dealer in Jamaica!

Unfortunately, the dealer was in Kingston.

Fortunately, they had the part we needed. The exact part! From an obscure little solar company in the US!

Unfortunately, the part was in Ocho Rios.

Fortunately, they could send it courier via bus, that night!

No more “unfortunately.” We managed to purchase a replacement part for a very technical piece of our solar charging setup, in Jamaica, on a Friday afternoon, picking it up Saturday morning. By 2:00 Saturday afternoon, the solar was charging the batteries.

The idea of diagnosing and repairing a problem with our solar array in 24 hours, complete with obscure new part, would be laughable in the United States—never mind this charming small island nation we’ve been enjoying for the last month. We can’t believe our luck. It helps that Michu built our electrical system from the ground up, and understands every little switch. It helps that Midnite Solar has such great tech support. But holy cow, did the stars align to resolve our little electrical issue. We expected to be alternator-dependent for the next month, at least; instead, the solar cells are back to soaking up the juice.DSCF1626

10 Comments on “Solar success

  1. I love reading your blog and this last one was pretty lucky! Sometimes I feel you are my personal book that I set down and then come back to and get to read about another adventure! Enjoy your exploring and come share with us….

  2. What was the part?!? That’s a fairly big box. New controller?

  3. That’s sound good news for you. It seems your stay in Jamaica has been a great place to fix your boat problems and relaxing with your kids.

    Happy sailing!

  4. Wow! What are the chances??
    And I loved the fortunately/unfortunately banter. Kind of like an old radio skit.

    I’ll be adding solar panels on our boat this year to take advantage of the tax breaks still in effect. Can I borrow Michu??

  5. There could not imagine a stronger recommendation.
    So then, it will be Midnite Solar for s/v Sona Linn.

  6. Good things happen to Good folks. A little Jamaican sunshine through the Wisconsin gloom

  7. Maybe I did not get the right trip itinerary from the last email. When are you going through the Panama Canal ?. I heard Jamaica is Beautiful but very homophobic. One of the most beautiful beaches is Negrillo . I don’t know if you have the time or desire to go there. Save journey, Hugs Hector & Bob.

  8. Wishing on good, safe sailing for you guys. Agh, perseverance.

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