Cost to cruise: April

Welcome to Latin America, my friends, where the living is cheap! We’ve spoken to other cruisers who find Panama on the expensive side, especially in comparison to Mexico. We have no complaints on our end.

Photo courtesy of our friend Marco, who's been going up his mast in the mornings to get amazing pics of the San Blas area. This is not our boat, but we think it gives you a pretty good idea of what we're seeing out here...
Photo courtesy of our friend Marco, who’s been going up his mast in the mornings to get amazing pics of the San Blas area. This is not our boat, but we think it gives you a pretty good idea of what we’re seeing out here…

Our numbers for April:

Marinas: $329.56
Grocery: $622.99
Restaurant: $205
Supplies: $9.61
Booze: $24.19
Laundry: $23
Transportation: $17
Communications: $172.41
Entertainment: $15
Garbage: $2
Water: $1
Boat Parts: $110.97
Customs/Immigration: $200.21
Fuel: $67.80 diesel; $49.73 stove fuel; $10 dinghy gas
Services, including boat work: $220
Grand Total: $2090.47

Notes on the above:

  • We spent some extra money trying to set up our phone for Digicel; I kept thinking I was doing it wrong, when we just didn’t have enough signal to pick up data. We also paid an extra $10 for a week of internet access at the marina, and our usual $125 to Iridium is still there. Our sat phone service plan can be dialed back at any point for no additional charge, but we use the heck out of that little Iridium Go.
  • Customs and Immigration includes $180 for a cruising permit, plus the $5 “tip” that the guy included for himself; we’ve also paid various permits to the Guna for anchoring in their beautiful islands.
  • The cost of the new cockpit shade is split between Ray’s excellent work ($220) and the cost of materials ($70) that we picked up ourselves in Panama City.
  • We keep spending a ton on stove fuel, because we keep trying new types of fuel, and then finding something better. Hopefully, we’ve now found a product that works.

Sorry for all the typos, failure to respond to comments, and general slackness over here at the blog. I typed our last post entirely on my phone; connectivity has been an issue for all of Panama. Small sacrifices. Hopefully, the next post will be the wall of photos you’ve been waiting for.

5 Comments on “Cost to cruise: April

  1. so good to hear from you guys! I really like following your amazing ventures and on a monday when the phone is ringing and ringing, you are a welcome change of pace for me and Deb, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! what a great opportunity for you all to exploring together and watching the kids grow at the same time, till next time, wow that picture is amazing…..

  2. I have a couple of MOLAS from the Guna Indians. Very pretty area. They have the highest homosexual population % of all the indian tribes.
    Hugs Hector

  3. Very much enjoying following your Adventure. How are the kids doing?
    Spring has arrived. Launching the Flying Scot (Scooter)
    This week. Happy Mothers Day, Deb

    • Hi, Tom! Kids are doing well, although resisting math instruction at the moment. Gearing up to being the bureaucratic process of Canal transit. Happy mother’s day to Kate, as well!

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