Hey, hey, hey; it’s canal day!

We’re picking up our advisor around 2:00 at the Flats, and then heading for the Gatun Locks!! We’ll be spending the night in Lake Gatun, then continuing onward tomorrow; we expect to be done with our transit early tomorrow afternoon.

There are live cameras streaming from the canal; try here if you want to try and follow along (although the cameras might not be working). Updates from Facebook at Deb Lease, as bandwidth allows.

Our line handlers are awesome; we’re all prepped up for food; tires/fenders are in place, lines aboard. SO excited to bring our boat to another ocean!

One Comment on “Hey, hey, hey; it’s canal day!

  1. crossing the Panama canal was incredible for me . Such a cool experience of human ingenuity. enjoy it . Hugs Hector.

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