Isla Parida and Exeunt

When it comes to checking in and out of the country, Panama can be, shall we say…casual. In some places, they stand at the dock to make sure you’ve left, but many people cruise Panama for a month or more without checking in to the country. We took advantage of this on our way out, and spent a few days in Isla Parida.DSCF2905

There are about 100 people who live on this island, and the whole thing is criss-crossed with hiking trails, taking you from beach to gorgeous beach.DSCF2950

Tree growing right up against the high tide mark
Tree growing right up against the high tide mark
Hermit crab insanity
Hermit crab insanity



Tree trunk of medieval torture.
Tree trunk of medieval torture.

After a few days on Parida, we crossed the last bit of the Golfo de Chiriqui to anchor just below a wave-deadening reef.

We'll just tuck in behind this massive surf.
We’ll just tuck in behind this massive surf.

On approach to our anchorage, we thought maybe there was a log in the way. No, not a log…maybe a turtle? Yes, a turtle, and it looks like it’s hurt…or tangled up in something? What’s wrong with that turtle?DSC_2669


View from the last anchorage in Panama
View from the last anchorage in Panama

Now we’re in Costa Rica, enjoying the fabulous hospitality of Katie at Land-Sea. So far, we’re finding things friendly, expensive, and wet. We don’t plan to stay long in Golfito; we hear there’s less rain up north, and we have family to meet in the Nicoya Peninsula, so we’ll save the zip-lining and rafting until September.

The lovely Land and Sea
The lovely Land-Sea


2 Comments on “Isla Parida and Exeunt

  1. Hey Michu and family,

    It’s Monica Briggs. We miss you here at CCH. I finally got a smart phone so I was able to look up the link you sent in your last e-mail. What wonderful pictures! Looks like you are having a wonderful time. That was a big fish you cought. What kind of fish was that?
    They finally hired someone for your old postion. Took them long enough.

    We are moving soon out to Gerry’s parents old house. The additon of the master bedroom, bath and lundry are done.

    Miss ya.

  2. Hello Precious Ones,
    Your pictures are gorgeous!
    You will learn that you are missing the unheard of flooding of Houston, TX. In the rogue Valley we have had smoke form firs for three weeks.
    In Oregon 320,000 acres have burned in that last amount of time.

    Rachel saw the eclipse up north at a festival gathering and is working with the Water Protectors as an organizer. She was in North Dakota in November and December at Standing Rock.

    Yu are fortunate to be seeing these basically untouched arts of the planet. Such amazing exposure and experiences!
    I am continually proud and amazed.

    Sending you much love!!
    Aunt Bee

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