Cost to Cruise: August, 2017


Boilerplate disclaimer: this is not what it will cost you to go cruising.

Elvis will sell you a bag of oranges off his tree for three bucks.
Elvis will sell you a bag of oranges off his tree for three bucks.

People’s constant advice, discussing cruising finances, always seems to be: It’ll cost what you have. We did not find this helpful in our planning, however true it may be. What we’re trying to show is the cost to us, more or less, for one month to go cruising. We’re going for monthly expenses, because they’re easier for us to track; so you won’t see the boat insurance amortized, you’ll just see that expense when we pay it. It won’t be what you’ll spend, but it was the kind of information that helped us out when we were trying to wrap our heads around that magical number for our cruising kitty.

Welcome to Costa Rica! The cost of everything here is much higher than in Panama—we were told in a restaurant that people are taxed even to breathe—but we haven’t felt the effects too much yet. September promises to be a bit more costly.

Numbers for August:

Marinas: $50
Grocery: $788.13
Restaurant: $194.65
Supplies: $272.80
Booze: $11.58
Laundry: $61.80
Communications: $162.91
Bank Fees: $1.67
Fuel: $157 diesel; $21.71 stove fuel; $18 dinghy
Water: $3
Customs/Immigration: $64.50
Transportation: $139
Dentist: $192
Grand Total: $2138.75

Notes on the above:

  • We’ve been suffering, and continue to suffer, really rolly anchorages lately. If we can, that means we get off the boat. Hence the increase in restaurant spending.
  • We spent quite a bit of money on transportation to David, and the return trip by cab completely stuffed with groceries. Worth it.
  • Finally got our teeth cleaned in Golfito, for less than $50/person. A bit overdue.
  • Customs and immigration was primarily costly for the convenience of checking out in Boca Chica. Checking in to Costa Rica cost us $4.50 in copies.
  • New SIM card and reboot for the smartphone, so communication expenses were up. At some point, we’re going to have to bump down our level of data for the sat phone, from $125/month to $50; but we still have some remote spots coming up, and I don’t want to risk not getting good weather info.
  • Diesel expenses are way up. Not too much wind over here.

7 Comments on “Cost to Cruise: August, 2017

  1. Hints of fall here. Brewers are still in the race. Trump has been
    impeached, prosecuted, and sent to Alcatraz
    to serve out his sentence. Other than that, no news to report from home.

  2. In other fantasy news, Mike Pence came out of the closet and moved to SF and Paul Ryan gave away all his worldly goods and has devoted his life to charity. 😛

    However, the Twins are actually in the playoff hunt and the weather here is terrific. I’m house-hunting. Miss you guys muchly!

    • Our #1 fantasy news item would involve Irma evaporating on the spot.

      House hunting is fun, though!

    • Tanks for thinking of us. We are safely tucked up inside the Bay of Nicoya; no effects from the earthquake, and the now-cancelled tsunami warning was not for our area.

  3. Thanks for sharing – it’s so useful to see what people actually spend cruising and the choices they make. Great price on getting teeth cleaned! We may have to head down to there to get our sorted as well 🙂

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