The bees have found us!

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For the most part, our time in Baja has been pretty insect-free. We’ve been pestered by little non-biting flies called “bobos” a couple of times, but haven’t seen more than a handful of mosquitoes. That’s all over now.

The bees in Baja are legendary. They have a hard time finding water in the desert, so they’ve adopted a strategy to seek out any small source. Drip in your faucet? They’re on it. Wet swimsuit, rinsed in fresh water? You bet.

The solar shower on the stern. Find the leak!
The solar shower on the stern. Find the leak!

Early in our trip, we weren’t so awesome at keeping the bugs out. We’ve got screens for most of our hatches, but the companionway was regularly swarmed with mosquitoes, and we kept it closed and often draped with towels to protect ourselves. That doesn’t work in hot places–we need the air circulation; so we’ve stolen a genius idea from an Ovni we met in Jamaica, and draped the companionway with a hanging bug net.DSCF4289 (1)

It’s a little bit of a hassle getting in and out of the boat, but we can wash our dishes without fear of getting stung.

2 Comments on “The bees have found us!

  1. We were crossing over to Mazatlan and we were about 10 miles out when about 200+ bees decended on us. I tried really hard to let them be, but after several bites and having them crawling on my face and on the inside of my sunglasses, I finally broke out our little shop vac, it solved the issue, to the bees demise.

  2. Bee kind to bees and bees
    Won’t sting your knees.

    They’ll go for your head
    Or your toes

    🐝 (from Uncle B’s Treasury of Sublime Thoughts)

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