A couple of things to keep us busy

Michu’s been updating the prep list for the spring. No biggie.

Spring 2016

Final Launch List: No way this will be completed by launch day

Below the waterline:

    1. Rust spot on keel
      1. Sand clean
      2. Cover area with fiberglass
      3. Three coats of Interprotect
    2. Two additional coats of Micron CSC throughout
    3. Install new through-hulls
      1. Galley drain/keel cooler.
      2. Marlon for galley raw water (need to spec and order)
      3. Marlon head discharge and valve (need to spec and fabricate backing board)
      4. Marlon head sink intake (need to spec and order)
      5. Marlon head sink drain (need to spec and order)
      6. Fishfinder transducer
  1. Engine:
    1. Repair coolant leak (for the 4th time)
    2. New shift and throttle cables (need to spec and order)
    3. Install alternator switch (need to order)
    4. Safety wire alternator adjustment turnbuckle
    5. Correctly wire tachometer. Alternator puller ratio is 2.5:1
    6. Wire exhaust fan (may need to replace)
    7. CO detectors
      1. T’s berth
      2. F’s berth
      3. saloon
    8. Add anti-siphon loop to exhaust
    9. Replace Frankenstarter with new one. Keep Frankenstarter as backup
    10. Secure Racor filter with 2nd bolt
  1. Bilge Pumps:
    1. Replace AC discharge with large 90 degree through-hull
    2. Install hose run with anti-siphon loop
    3. Fabricate small shelf in bilge for high capacity pump
    4. Install float switch
    5. Wire to 3-position switch and switchable bilge alarm
  1. Refrigeration:
    1. Complete lid panel
    2. Locate lid panel placement and fiberglass to lid
    3. Check measurements, fabricate and install side insulation panels
    4. Caulk all seams
    5. Mount evaporator
    6. Install compressor under galley sink
    7. Mount thermostat and thermo sensor
    8. Run wire to D/C panel breaker
  1. Steering
    1. Prep bulkhead for reinforcement panel
    2. Trim and epoxy in new bulkhead with steering ram mount/pivot.
    3. Fillet and tab in new bulkhead
    4. Fabricate and install stern stops
      1. Two pieces of angle aluminum bolted to transom bulkhead with wooden stop piece
    5. Install rudder position sensor on top of steering stop. Fabricate shelf/spacer if needed
    6. Mount steering computer
    7. Install heading/position sensor
    8. Complete and install Instrument Pod (Needs back and sides fiberglassed, mounting panel fitted. Both front panels glassed, prime coat and paint)
    9. Install and wire in control head
    10. Calibrate and test
  1. Solar install
    1. Drill 1/8 inch weep holes in each leg of arch
    2. Consider new stern light
    3. Place order with Arizona Solar: Topoint 190w x2, the Kid Marine MPPT
    4. Order 2nd mount kit from Atlantic Tower (new stern light?)
    5. Mount panels and controller
    6. Wire system
      1. Run all inputs to a charge buss
      2. install safety disconnect relay
  1. Head
    1. Discharge through hull, seacock and backing board. Find some way to lock in closed position.
    2. Marlon head intake, seacock, and strainer
    3. Marlon sink drain and seacock
    4. Install Y valve and ’T’
    5. Install vent filter (need to spec and order)
  1. Fresh water
    1. Replace port side fill hose.
    2. Replace vent hoses to “t”
    3. Maybe a new vent fitting at the galley sink
  1. Electrical
    1. Measure and fabricate new door for electrical panel
    2. Buy hinge for panel at Woodcraft
    3. Remove AC panel from boat
    4. Install AC and DC panels in door
      1. Instal tank monitor gauge in panel
      2. Install battery monitor
      3. Install USB outlet
    5. Cut out old electrical panel area and instal new panel/door.then begin wiring it in
    6. Run wire from mast to nav station for tricolor light
    7. Install new AC outlet at old phone jack at nav station
    8. Mount and wire in inverter
    9. Secure windlass cable for entire run every 18 inches
    10. Wire in 2nd bilge pump
    11. Install LED cabin lights
    12. Wire in refrigerator
    13. Nav Pod
      1. Wire in anchor remote switch
      2. Wire in USB outlet
      3. Wire in 12v plug
      4. Install alternator switch
    14. New house main cables
    15. New starter cables
  1. Deck
    1. Solent stay
      1. Fabricate and install bulkhead
      2. Fabricate and install chainplate
    2. Stanchions and lifelines
      1. Fill in lower hole with aluminum thick epoxy
      2. Drill out lower holes for life line
      3. Fill bases with thickened epoxy
      4. Drill out deck fittings and stanchion base for through bolt
      5. Install new lifelines.
    3. Tune rig
    4. Install halyard winch on mast
    5. Epoxy broken starboard handrail
    6. Re-bed starboard bimini mount
    7. Install anchor chain tensioner
    8. Make new forward bimini straps
    9. Install new spinlocks
    10. Move speedo and fill old hole
    11. Fabricate and install new slide and drop boards for companionway
    12. Re-bed stern rails.
    13. Fix stanchion leak at F’s cabin
    14. Caulk and finish cockpit teak
    15. Through bolt bow pulpit bases
    16. Service winches
    17. Seal cockpit floor
    18. Fabricate and install new plexiglass fixed saloon port lights (need to order plexi and fabricate)
      1. Consider new port lights in kid’s rooms
    19. Remove traveler, redo wood bases
    20. Service compass and reinstall
    21. Install new instrument pod
    22. Clean and buff… yeah right
  1. Dinghy
    1. Tune up outboard
    2. Rebild carburators
    3. Install oar lock
    4. install new seat
    5. Make good forward lift points
    6. Install Dinghy hoist system
  1. Interior
    1. New Port storage area
      1. Cut mortises for hinges in doors
      2. Trim edge of top shelf
      3. Fabricate dividers
      4. Fabricate trim board, 1st coat of finish, finish on dividers
      5. 2nd coat on top shelf and 1st coat on finger pulls
      6. Drill holes in doors for finger pulls
      7. Epoxy hinge mortises, drill holes and mount hinges
      8. 3rd (final) coat top shelf, 2nd coat on trim board and 2nd coat on pulls
      9. Glue finger pulls into doors
      10. 3rd (final)coat on doors, trim board and face board
      11. Top shelf to boat place on temporary supports
    2. Recover base cushions
    3. Replace V berth headliner
    4. Replace galley headliner
    5. Slides on silverware drawer
    6. Plug holes: starboard A/C control, port outlet and TV cable
    7. Replace head ceiling board
    8. Fabric cover over poop tank
    9. Shoe storage area
    10. Install new saloon overhead light
    11. Screens:
      • companionway
      • forward hatch
      • head hatch
      • saloon hatch
      • kids hatches x2

        And once the work is done, we shall do The Dance.
        And once the work is done, we shall do The Dance.

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