Fortunately, Kris is good at the sewing.


Impressive, right?
Impressive, right?

Hey! I sewed something! Look at these beautiful…dishcloths!

From there, it’s just a short leap to recovering the settee cushions, yes? Uhm……nah. There is zero question that I would have lost my mind trying to figure out the zippers, bolsters and buttons to spruce up the saloon. Fortunately for everyone, there’s Kris.DSC_0631

Recovering the cushions is absolutely on the list of luxury items for our boat.┬áSome of those seat cushions were actually full-on torn, however, so something had to be done. Fortunately, Michu’s mom–an amazing seamstress herself and appreciator of nice things–sponsored some upholstery work for us. To get everything done would have been budget-busting enough to make us blush, so we compromised and redid the seats.

Comfortable AND good-looking
Comfortable AND good-looking. The cushions, too.
The fabric's actually stripey.
The fabric’s actually stripey.

We bought some fabric on sale from Joann’s that we thought would complement the dark blue, not show stains too badly, and not make us seasick (a surprisingly small sample size). Kris added a little foam to the tops. They look amazing, and I wish we’d had everything recovered, but I think that $1000 we didn’t spend will be put to good use elsewhere.

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