Final Sunday Round-Up!

‘Cuz next Sunday is our Bon Voyage party. Y’all come!

  • The whole family’s heading to the boat on Sunday; it’ll be the first time the kids have been there since August. We’d hoped to have things picked up, more or less, but of course that didn’t happen. SO–all hands on deck to clean up, and they won’t be able to really get situated in their rooms until they actually move aboard.
  • Just a few replacement thru-hulls waiting to go in...
    Just a few replacement thru-hulls waiting to go in…

    The end-of-the-week head scratcher is how to fit the liferaft on the coachroof, under the boom. We delayed gettingĀ the liferaft to put as much time between installation and recertification, but now we’re pressed to get it to fit securely. Michu’s fabricating something.

  • Typing this one up in advance; due to a miscommunication with the cable guys, we are without internet until Monday. Sure, it’s a taste of what’s to come, but our offline systems aren’t organized yet, and it turns out we need the internet to finish those tasks! We still haven’t found an offline editor that we like for the blog; I’m in the basement of the kids’ school at the moment while F’s at fiddle, slurping up the WiFi. We’re not ready!

    View from the local library. Excellent WiFi two blocks from our house.
    View from the local library. Excellent WiFi two blocks from our house.
  • The refrigerator works and it is awesome. We still have a couple of incandescent lights to switch over to LED’s in the main cabin; on land, in hot weather, without being able to dump heat into the water, the fridge used as much energy as one non-LED cabin light. Freezer freezes. Stuff is cold. AWESOME!!!!!!
  • Considering installing old toilet at the helm.
    Considering installing old toilet at the helm.
  • Decided it was a good idea to rip out a bathroom. The tiny head between the kids’ berths is plumbed for direct discharge overboard–i.e., not legal in the US. It was going to be a backup for emergencies; a holding area for spare parts; and a second toilet offshore. Instead of being a not-very-useful bathroom, we decided instead it should be a totally awesome walk-in closet. Even though it doesn’t add that much space in terms of cubic feet, it makes configuring that storage so much easier, aaaaaand we got to pitch a truly vile toilet. Hopefully we don’t regret the choice.

    What do you think? convenient, right?
    What do you think? Convenient, right?

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  1. Rock on, guys!

    @punahougirl84 and I look forward to meeting you when you get to Maryland.

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