Now, that’s a worthwhile passage!

On the way from the Secas to Boca Chica, after once again narrowly missing a whale…..DSCF2848

…we caught this. Using this:

DSCF2879Yeah, that’s a lure fashioned from a Lay’s potato chip bag. Thanks to my friend Martin Johnson on Pau Hana for the inspiration!

6 Comments on “Now, that’s a worthwhile passage!

  1. Brilliant!
    Man, you look so happy and truly alive Michu…..awesome!

    • It was a good day. I had been hoping for “Big Mahi” since we entered Florida waters way back when. This was the second one I hooked the first one was on the small side, so I released it. Not sure what this guy weighed, but he fed us well, four big filling meals for the whole family. The mahi-mahi, or dorado, or dolphin fish, is really fun, they leap and roll while they fight and change colors flashing back and forth from green to yellow. Doing well out here Denise although I am missing you and your awesome sense of humor.

      • Don’t worry Michu… Denise will still be a smart-ass when you return so all is good! Carry on with your adventure…the sarcasm and humor will wait!
        BTW, you do look great and I’m still in awe of your adventure! Miss you!


      • Congratulations Michu. This Mahi is quite a big fish, good for a trophy!
        I am very happy you and the family are doing well on this voyage. You guys are unbelivable obstinate . I admire you Deb and the children. Hope you’ll have a nice encounter with your mother in Costa Ruca. Be happy, stay healthy.
        Cousin, Luisito

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