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Summer Camp

The only branch of the Smithsonian outside of the United States is here in Panama–the Smithsonian Institute for Tropical Research. They’ve been here for about 100 years, and have a whole bunch of different sites (including the elusive… Read More

A little bit of civilization, a little bit not

It’s the Big Pause for our family, as we slow ourselves down to wait out the hurricane season. Safety for the boat means we need to keep south of essentially Nicaragua until more or less November. Who wouldn’t… Read More

Cost to Cruise: June, 2017

Boilerplate disclaimer: this is not what it will cost you to go cruising. People’s constant advice, discussing cruising finances, always seems to be: It’ll cost what you have. We did not find this helpful in our planning, however… Read More

Off-piste, once again

Heading out to the beautiful Perlas. Not a lot of wifi. We’ll do our best. In the meantime, I leave you with this weirdo pelican.

Panama Canal: One more time, with feeling

Transiting the Canal on your own boat is a completely different process than being along for the ride. This was not a laid-back experience for us. Not only were we always, slightly back-of-the-mind worried that some crucial component… Read More