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Electronics overload

Kindle Paperwhite (times 3) Garmin GPS Laptop iPad VHF with AIS and DSC iPod Chromebook Bluetooth speaker DSLR camera EPIRB NMEA WiFi Seriously. In real life, we are not complete Luddites, but all you have to do to… Read More

Living room, or sail loft?

Fresh water systems

In the manner of people who know nothing, I spent much time before purchasing a boat worrying about embarrassingly small things. Chief among them: what are the water tanks made of? Are we going to have to compromise… Read More

Stopgap duct tape

End of an era

Our cast-off date has been set for June 12, but there are so many little departures along the way that make us nostalgic in advance. For the last eight years, we’ve been privileged to garden with another family, building our… Read More