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Fish Hunting

I know you guys have missed me, ever curious about the trials of Michu the Boat Contortionist. Yes, in spite of paying $1200 to get the rear main seal replaced and installing an airsep, the diesel is still… Read More

Launch Day

Today I find out if any of the five new through hulls I installed leak. For the past month I have been so buried in the boat projects, that I have barely payed any attention to the world… Read More

Engine Part 3b: Converting to Closed Cooling (the end)

At the end of┬ámy last post, the real time was early April 2015; I left off at a point where I was angry and frustrated at a small, hard-to-see, very stubborn piece of bronze. Sometimes there is no… Read More

Engine Part 3a: Converting to Closed Cooling (the beginning)

Until last spring and for the first 31 years of her existence, Milou’s engine cooled itself by sucking up water from the outside,┬ácirculating it through the engine and spitting the now-warmer water out of the exhaust. Up until… Read More

Engine Part 2: Winterizing Mistakes.

After fixing the stuffing box/coupler and fuel supply system, Milou’s diesel motor had a pretty uneventful first season. This was back in the summer of 2014 when we had managed, by Deb’s wiliness, to secure a very good… Read More