Month: March 2016

Rudder repair

I was looking back over our blog yesterday–sheesh, I can’t believe how much we’ve written on here–and I realized that I’ve been a little ambiguous about the work being done to our lovely little boat. It’s all Michu…. Read More

Yellow fever vaccine shortage

One of the many exciting things we checked off our list this spring break was a little trip to Rock County Public Health for yellow fever and typhoid vaccinations. We plan to spend some time in the San Blas islands… Read More

Obvious choices for spring break

What do you do when the kids are out of school and it’s sleeting outside? Inspect the sails, naturally…. The principal at the kids’ elementary school let us use the cafeteria-slash-gym during break. We checked for loose stitching,… Read More

Breathing underwater like a Jedi–LIES!!!

Update: sadly, none of this seems to be true. The Triton guys have returned all their money to their backers; their technology is not what they claimed. Here’s a link from our friends at Deeper Blue explaining the fiasco. So disappointing!… Read More

Giving everyone some space

Tired of looking at the engine yet? Not as tired as Michu. Let’s talk about something else. Many people can get behind the idea of spending 24-7 in close quarters with adorable babies (possibly they have forgotten/never knew… Read More