Month: April 2016

Scarcity mentality

Way, way back–maybe three years ago–when we were planning for this little adventure and thinking about budget, I came to the unshakeable belief that the final month or two of our land life would require some significant latitude in extracurricular… Read More

Turning point

Some kind of switch has flipped for me this week. The time pressure is becoming real, the seasonal changes have had an impact–we hit 80 degrees the other day!–and I feel like the tide has turned from “we’re… Read More

Things we are enjoying as much as possible

Long, hot showers. Like, empty the hot water heater long. Driving everywhere. Sorry, carbon footprint; it’s only temporary! Having pizza delivered. Laundry, automatically and without effort. Library books. Netflix, Amazon Prime, NY Times Sunday delivery. Having other people… Read More


The burning question on everyone’s mind, that most folks are too polite to ask: how the ever-loving heck can you guys afford this? There are so, so many ways to answer this, and I think it’s really important… Read More

Citizen Science

Compared to our math and lit programs, our science curriculum feels a bit thin. We have some good books; we’ve got a microscope and a telescope and curious and engaged kids; but we don’t have an actual science… Read More