Month: June 2016

Photos from Michigan

Relaxing at our friends’ cottage Hiking around Sleeping Bear Dunes  

Report Card: Two weeks out

It’a been a mixed bag over here at s/v Milou–some things have gone very well; some things, not so much. In the “Awesomeness” column: Anchoring. We’re getting better, and our anchoring setup is pretty solid. Refrigeration. SOOOOO happy… Read More

Heading north along the Michigan shore

One of the lovelier features of the Michigan shoreline is the abundance of inland lakes. A whole bunch of these lakes are linked to the Big Lake via canals, dug a century ago but now maintained by the… Read More

How to have an excellent first overnight passage

At least, here’s how it went for us: Wait for a weather window. Wait and wait and wait. When people start to make fun of you a little for not going anywhere, wait some more. Head out in… Read More

Escape from Milwaukee

Early yesterday morning over coffee, Michu and I realized that we were done being in Milwaukee. Pridefest was being succeeded by Polishfest, with an art fair on the other side of the harbor, and we just couldn’t take… Read More