Month: July 2016

On Not Stopping

Detroit’s a pretty interesting city. They’re trying so many ways to pull themselves out of a rust-belt identity—we personally know at least one artist who has moved here to take advantage of cheap, soaring spaces—and there’s some fascinating… Read More

Night watch. Notes by moonlight.

My watch starts at 2 am. Opening move is always to pull out the iPod loaded up by a friend and listen to Sandinista! by the Clash–my favorite album from sophomore year of high school. Despite heading into… Read More

North Channel

The North Channel of Lake Huron was AMAZING. It was exactly what we had in mind when we threw all our resources at this trip. Quiet anchorages, hiking, wild blueberries, great sailing…we could have stayed for a month…. Read More

O Canada!

We’ve crossed the border. We keep trying to impress on our kids that this is an entirely different country, and the first time they’ve left the US, but they don’t really see it. Everything looks more or less… Read More

Report Card: One Month Out

We have just spent the entire day with all the settee cushions free of junk, nothing on the berth in the V but the blankets, and a cleared-off chart table. I think we’re getting organized, y’all. While the… Read More