Month: April 2017

Notes from Guna Yala

It’s a daily topic around here: which is better, Bahamas or Guna Yala? Impossible question, but we surely do love this area. I was really nervous about navigating in Guna Yala. We’d heard reports from people who’ve struggled;… Read More

Shade: the categorical imperative

I know I’ve mentioned our love of our bimini, decrepit as it is, way back when we were motoring around in the Erie Canal. Now that we’re in the tropical sun, shade has become an even more pressing… Read More

Panama Canal

Locking through the Panama Canal feels like a big deal. When we traveled through the locks in the Erie Canal, we were exclusively among tourists. The lock operators knew we were novices at line handling, and were patient… Read More


We have a map of North and Central America taped to the bulkhead in the saloon, and every day, I look at it and can’t believe how far we’ve sailed. We are in Panama, and we are loving… Read More

Crossing the sea

I admit it: I was a little nervous about our crossing from Jamaica to Panama. It was the longest passage we’ve done, and it just seemed so exposed—miles from help, if we needed it. By the time we… Read More