Month: May 2017

Up the Rio Charges

“Well, I absolutely cannot get up that river—I draw almost eight feet!” We heard so many reports from people adamant about the dangers of crossing into the Chagres River—that only catamarans can go, that the bar at the… Read More

Be line handlers for us!

Hey–we’ve got our date to transit the Canal! June 14. What are you up to? Do you want to transit with us? We’ll feed you really well!

Some of the ugly.

We used up some phone minutes in the past few days, calling friends back in Madison. They were really enthusiastic about our “huge adventure,” and wanted to know all the details of whatever exciting thing we’d done that… Read More

Photo dump!

We’re back to the land of internet, hanging out at Shelter Bay Marina while we clean up, restock, and get organized for our Canal transit. We hope to not go through the Canal for a bit–there’s still some… Read More

Cost to cruise: April

Welcome to Latin America, my friends, where the living is cheap! We’ve spoken to other cruisers who find Panama on the expensive side, especially in comparison to Mexico. We have no complaints on our end. Our numbers for… Read More