Month: June 2017

Off-piste, once again

Heading out to the beautiful Perlas. Not a lot of wifi. We’ll do our best. In the meantime, I leave you with this weirdo pelican.

Panama Canal: One more time, with feeling

Transiting the Canal on your own boat is a completely different process than being along for the ride. This was not a laid-back experience for us. Not only were we always, slightly back-of-the-mind worried that some crucial component… Read More

Fire at Balboa Yacht Club

At least three boats are in flames, and there may be damage to the pier. Milou is safe, although we scrambled off our mooring that was directly downwind of the fire. We’ll try to post updates tomorrow. Update:… Read More

Hey, hey, hey; it’s canal day!

We’re picking up our advisor around 2:00 at the Flats, and then heading for the Gatun Locks!! We’ll be spending the night in Lake Gatun, then continuing onward tomorrow; we expect to be done with our transit early… Read More

One year cruisaversary!

It’s been a whole year!! We moved on to our boat June 11, 2016; and here we are, one year later, hanging out in Panama. Our boat feels like home. We’ve lost our feeling of being imposters to… Read More