Month: August 2017

Boca Chica

Boca Chica is not what we expected. Right near Panama’s second-largest city of David, Boca Chica has a rep for being a sport fishing center for this side of Panama. As such, we expected to find pretty substantial boating… Read More

Now, that’s a worthwhile passage!

On the way from the Secas to Boca Chica, after once again narrowly missing a whale….. …we caught this. Using this: Yeah, that’s a lure fashioned from a Lay’s potato chip bag. Thanks to my friend Martin Johnson… Read More

An ordinary day

I open my eyes. It’s about 7:20 in the morning, and nothing is stirring. This anchorage is as peaceful as being tied up to a pier, which is a blessing after several rolly bays that had us heading… Read More

Getting what we need

How’d you pick up fuel this week? Did you drive a car to the gas station? Maybe you’re like us, on a boat, and you pulled up to the dock to take on some diesel? Nice! Convenient, easy…and… Read More

Turning the corner: northbound

Well! That was a longer-than-expected departure from the blog! Our family headed back to Las Perlas on the third week of July, and promptly dropped off the map with a fair lack of cell coverage. We have been,… Read More