Month: March 2018

Espiritu Santo

Well, this is the kind of cruising we like. Empty anchorages, clear waters, stunning beauty. Nothing to spend money on. Excellent hiking, decent snorkeling. Less than 10 miles between anchorages. A couple of like-minded kid boats for company…. Read More

Hanging out in La Paz

Our friends rented a great little house in La Paz, just up the hill from Marina Palmira, so we settled into a slip for the week and enjoyed familiar faces and land life for a bit. La Paz… Read More

North from Los Frailes

Honestly, we feel giddy to be traveling in clear waters again. When we think about the arc of our journey, the Bahamas and Guna Yala stand out for being the kind of cruising we’ve grown to especially love–beautiful… Read More

Be astonished

Instructions for living a life: Pay attention Be astonished Tell about it –Mary Oliver We have seen such radical changes in geography in this trip, from the rocky, forested islands of the North Channel of Lake Huron; to… Read More

Well, I’m glad that’s over

A list of clothing I wore on our passage from Mazatlan to Baja: Wool socks; Warm slippers; Wool underwear; Fleece pants; Foul-weather bibs; Tank top; Long-sleeved shirt; Fleece snap-T; Windbreaker; Additional fleece jacket with built-in windbreaker; Lifejacket, harness, tether; Foul-Weather jacket; Wool hat. This is not what I’ve come to expect… Read More