Month: December 2015

Lacking domestic skills

Over here on the East Side of Madison, there’s a certain aesthetic to modern parenting. Organic garden! Chickens in the backyard! Farmers’ market on weekends! Bake your own bread/brew your own beer/make your own yogurt/pickle everything! Happy to… Read More

Happy Holidays from Milou!

Electricity Part 3 – Battery management systems

Are you a total battery nerd, or setting up your own lithium iron phosphate battery system? If so you will probably find this post interesting. If not I’m betting you will find this all pretty dry. I think… Read More

A couple of things to keep us busy

Michu’s been updating the prep list for the spring. No biggie. Spring 2016 Final Launch List: No way this will be completed by launch day Below the waterline: Rust spot on keel Sand clean Cover area with fiberglass… Read More

Christmas presents for Milou