Month: September 2016

One Day in DC

We’ll cover our whole trip to DC later, but for now, I just want to tell you about our Thursday in Washington. Our trip started off with a visit to our Senator’s office. Tammy Baldwin was having her… Read More

Up the Potomac

“Don’t bother going up the Potomac–there’s nothing there.” Au contraire. We were warned off the trip by everyone we met; and while it’s true that there were few marinas for a deep-draft sailboat such as ourselves, we were… Read More

The complicated math of putting up the sails

When we were having dinner with friends in Annapolis, we somehow mentioned that we didn’t ever tack our boat. They couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Tacking involves sailing against the wind, and turning your boat back and… Read More

Upper Chesapeake and Annapolis

We’ve been loving our time in the Chesapeake. We spent a few days idling our way down the Chesapeake, making slow progress to Annapolis. Our biggest concern is dodging crab pots–they’re everywhere, especially where we want to anchor…. Read More

Three Months Out

Three months cruising!!! Can you believe it? One the one hand, we feel like we’ve just started this journey..but on the other hand, Michigan feels like ancient history. We were thinking about our progress, and realized how stressed… Read More