Three Months Out

Three months cruising!!! Can you believe it? One the one hand, we feel like we’ve just started this journey..but on the other hand, Michigan feels like ancient history. We were thinking about our progress, and realized how stressed out we would have been leaving New York Harbor if we’d had to do it right at the start of our trip. We absolutely had to be heads-up getting out of there, but it wasn’t too difficult; the ferry drivers were clear in their intentions, our charts were accurate, and we weren’t worried. If it had been two months ago, we would have been a wreck.

Oh, we are super-close to a freighter? No worries!
Oh, we are super-close to a freighter? No worries!

I know I’ve mentioned the Interview With A Cruiser Project website before, started by Livia from Estrellita 5.10b; she also started a companion site, Newly Salted, for folks who are just starting out. We thought we’d interview ourselves.

What do you love?

M: The mornings. Also, when we can travel by sail.
D: When we are set with all our systems—full tank of fuel, stocked up on groceries, laundry done, water tanks full, poop tank empty.
F: The people and the fact that we get pastry more often.
T: Getting to see all the new places, and getting to explore.

What do you dislike?

M: How long it takes to accomplish any given task.
D: When the galley is a mess, and I still have to come up with dinner. When we’re entering a new place and are worried about running aground.
F: The fact that I’m always so close to my family is annoying, but it’s good in a way; and the fact that sometimes I get really, really bored. But that happened at home, too.
T: Seasickness! And bad wifi.

What do you worry about?

M: Diesel engine failure.
D: Getting the kids fully immersed in homeschooling. The day-to-day well-being of my family.
F: The boat sinking; I used to worry about hurricanes, but not anymore.
T: Well, I just really miss my friends.

What are you looking forward to?

M: Actually catching a fish. Snorkeling in the Bahamas.
D: Snorkeling in tropical waters.
F: D.C., and giving Alixia her birthday present—I hope she likes it.
T: Bahamas! And catching a fish.

Favorite place?

M: As a guy from Minnesota, the North Channel was a spiritual experience for me.
D: Turnbull Island in the North Channel.
F: The North Channel was pretty amazing for overall places, but they’re all pretty good, though.
T: The North Channel, and I really liked Croker Island and Turnbull Island. New York.

Least favorite place?

M: Dunkirk, NY. Lexington, MI (although they had the best laundry). Certain marinas just rub me wrong, and I’d rather not be there.
D: Mackinaw City.
F: I don’t like it when there isn’t good wifi—no wifi is better than bad wifi.
T: The mooring ball at 79th St.

Lesson learned?

Always dog down the forward hatch! When we were leaving Club Island, headed to Tobermory in Canada, the wind and waves quickly built to a pretty rough situation. Michu was down below, enjoying a cup of coffee, when he saw a huge curtain of water come gushing through the forward hatch right onto our bed in the v-berth. He put down his coffee on the nav station to run up and deal with the situation, and promptly spilled the coffee all over the nav, with its cache of electronics—including the laptop. It was a low point. We arrived in Tobermory five hours later, in gale force conditions, drenched and exhausted. Corollary to the hatch: never trust a weather report that’s more than 24 hours old. If we’d gotten an updated weather report that morning, we never would have left.

Best gear award:

The entire electronics system. We are never without power. Fans, lights, fridge—full-time, all around. Power tools at anchor, no problem.

Worst gear award:

The wifi antenna. Although the outboard is running a close second.

North Channel. Everyone’s favorite.


3 Comments on “Three Months Out

  1. Oh… how I love my children and grandchildren! Although I cannot compare with the North Channel, the beloved bandwidth, a clean galley, or a smoothly running diesel engine… may the width and depth of my love protect you now and always.

  2. You guys are very good sailors and committed to follow your dreamed adventure. That’s fantastic! Keep it up! I love to read your trip narratives…

  3. Hi Michu. This is Hector your TIO from Miami. We are going to Buenos Aires Oct. 31 . If you think you will be here before then let me know. We love to invite you and your family to have home cook dinner with us. I think what you guys are doing is fantastic. GOD bless you all and have a save journey. Hope to see you soon. BIG HUG Hector & Bob.

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