Month: March 2017

Solar success

Fortunately, there’s a great weather window coming up for us on Monday! Unfortunately, the solar panels stopped charging the batteries on Friday morning. Fortunately, we were able to contact Midnite Solar and talk through the problem with their… Read More

Relax into it

Ocho Rios is the most hilarious shrine to American-style capitalism we’ve seen since Florida. Cruise ships pull up here (one’s expected tomorrow), and the streets are suddenly flooded by tourists cramming the duty-free shops, snatching up shot glasses… Read More

Overland Jamaica

When we shake our new iPad violently, Apple assumes we are angry and frustrated and sends a message asking us the nature of our problem. The reason we know this is because we have been traveling on the… Read More

Cost to Cruise: January and February

Boilerplate disclaimer: this is not what it will cost you to go cruising. People’s constant advice, discussing cruising finances, always seems to be: It’ll cost what you have. We did not find this helpful in our planning, however… Read More

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Welcome back! We’ve missed you, internet friends. We especially want to give a shout out to our buddies from US Customs and Immigration in Lexington, Michigan. We had a Facebook message from one of them a couple of… Read More