Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Welcome back! We’ve missed you, internet friends.

Sunrise on the way to Jamaica
Sunrise on the way to Jamaica

We especially want to give a shout out to our buddies from US Customs and Immigration in Lexington, Michigan. We had a Facebook message from one of them a couple of months ago, letting us know how much they enjoy following our blog. Apparently, our travels are discussed among the staff on the regular. Hi, guys!

And with that being said, we’ll be fast-forwarding to our current location–beautiful Port Antonio, Jamaica.DSC_2076

The very accommodating staff at the Errol Flynn Marina have made it easy for us to splurge on some full-on resort time. We’re at a dock! With water you can drink without getting sick! We can walk to a grocery store that actually has food! There’s a pool! Laundry! Showers with hot water! Red Stripe for $2!DSC_2083

Sorry for all the exclamation points, but holy cow, were we missing life’s finer things for a bit.

Workbench. Or dining room table, either way.
Workbench. Or dining room table, either way.

Around us, the trade winds are howling. We’re among Pacific-bound cruisers here, and folks are anxious to get through the Panama Canal and on their way, but no one wants to head out in sustained 30-knot winds. We’ve heard rumors that things aren’t expected to really settle down until the end of April (although we’ve also heard the end of March, which suits us just fine). As we look at the winds, we find ourselves considering skipping Cartagena–it just never seems to calm down north of there–but either way, we don’t plan to really head south for at least three if not six weeks.

View from the bow.

Because Jamaica is lovely. Because we have no further obligations to meet up with anyone. Because once we go south, we’ll be staying south through hurricane season. Because this is not a bad spot to work on a few projects, resupply the boat, clean things up and bit and enjoy the wonders of internet. Because we are absolutely not in a hurry.

8 Comments on “Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  1. Glad to see you made it safely. Enjoy some R&R, I’m sure you need it. It sounds like you are staying for more than a day or two, and if that is true, you ought to consider sending your main and genoa to a local loft for a look over and some preventative maintenance. I know you don’t want to drop a few hundred dollars unnecessarily, but on a trip like yours, the sails age a lot and re-stitching a batten pocket or chaffed suncover or leachline could avoid a far bigger problem later.

    Enjoy Jamaica and enjoy some Appleton Estate for me.

    • I’m sorry, did you use some kind of satellite technology to look at the bottom edge of the leech on the genoa?

      • What, you don’t like my Big Brother technology? don’t avoid the issue, get your sails worked on. Its like changing the oil in the engine (which Mich is all too familiar with). Also, are you going to go visit Bob Marley’s grave?

  2. Hi you guys! Glad to see you are back, I gave your site to my daughter to read and I was just going to search on that computer and your page was up! what an adventure you are having although you would just call it your life, from my perspective of pigs, chickens, goats and sheep and many boats in the way of Donny’s it is totally an adventurous getaway, stay safe and enjoy……beth (nonamefarm)

  3. Hello Milou!

    Glad to hear all is well and your enjoying the luxuries resort life offers.

    I shall know be living vicariously via your posts.

    Fair Winds & Happy Travels.

    • Hey, Mel! We heard you guys had problems in Florida. Hope you guys are OK.

  4. Hi, gang! Glad to see new pics. Hope everyone is still doing well. Miss you lots.

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