Month: February 2016

Engine Part 2: Winterizing Mistakes.

After fixing the stuffing box/coupler and fuel supply system, Milou’s diesel motor had a pretty uneventful first season. This was back in the summer of 2014 when we had managed, by Deb’s wiliness, to secure a very good… Read More

Let’s talk about privilege. It’ll be fun!

We’re still thinking about how to discuss money on this blog. When we were in the early planning stages, we searched everywhere for budgeting advice more specific than, “It’ll cost whatever you have.” We found some helpful info… Read More


If you haven’t visited the Interview With A Cruiser project yet, you should head over there immediately. I’ll wait. Back? Ok, here’s our interview series: Interview With a Kid. We’re zeroing in on 100 days until we’re living on… Read More

Good food and plenty of it.

That was the motto of the staff at Chanterelle, and it applies around here as well. We get asked about food a lot when it comes to the boat. I think some people don’t realize that we do, in fact,… Read More

Buying early versus last-minute

We’d been advised by more than one smart person to wait until the last possible moment to purchase our boat. Jim Trefethan, in his book The Cruising Life, particularly warns against buying a cruising boat too early; the… Read More