Summary for the week, more or less..

  • Packing situation moving right along. Starting in on the kitchen, which is frankly a big deal around here. Strongly considering reducing to only items we’ll be taking on the boat, and seeing if I lose my mind.
  • Michu spent his first night on the boat for the year, working primarily on the refrigeration and thru-hulls. Failed to bring along any source of fire for the stove; attempted to light a paper towel with his hot knife; filled the whole boat with smoke.
  • Oddest task of the week: informing our fish monger that we’re leaving, and he no longer needs to stock a particular kind of frozen fish in the back for us. We’re covering all our bases.
  • West Marine and Amazon considering giving us some kind of award for best customers. Or they should be.

    No weeds, Sara. No. Weeds. Ever.
    No weeds, Sara. No. Weeds. Ever.
  • Final round of gardening basically done–weeded, mulched, ready for the next gardener to take over with the false assumption that it always looks this amazing. Embarrassed to admit that we found some unused worm compost in the basement, now dug in to our backyard veggie beds.
  • Kids looking forward to the end of school. Final soccer season underway, with the first game in 40 degrees and rain. Final instrument recitals in two weeks.
  • Invites sent out for our Bon Voyage party at a pier in Milwaukee. Waaaaaay more people coming than will fit on the boat; strategically locating the party at a very large pier with public bathrooms. Considering how much ice would be needed to fill entire cockpit well with beverages.
  • Best piece of boat jewelry for the week: this new hand-held vacuum cleaner. Michu says it really sucks. Ba-dum boom.DSC_0709

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  1. Hi! We just (3/30) bought a 1984 Beneteau First 38, after two years of searching for a boat. We’ve been enjoying your blog and wanted to wish you good luck as you get close to your departure date.

    We are in Maryland and plan to keep Kaimana on Rock Creek (Pasadena area, north of Annapolis). Maybe you’ll make it by and we can treat you to pizza 🙂

    At the moment we are getting work done on her and of course have stuff we plan to do – she’s suffering from benign neglect, but her bones are strong. Despite all the information maintained by the two previous owners, we are still hunting for bits and pieces of information (she’s a tall mast, shoal keel btw).

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your pre-journey journey with all of us – Aloha!
    Lee, Jon, N (14), G (14), and D (10)

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