Northern California

A rash of visits. Cruising friends, family, friends of family…we haven’t been on our own for a week.


Along the way, we’ve been soaking up the sights, of course.DSC_1153

Michu's old stomping grounds--Santa Cruz
Michu’s old stomping grounds–Santa Cruz


We didn't spend any real time in San Fransisco, but we had lovely views from the Golden Gate!
We didn’t spend any real time in San Fransisco, but we had lovely views from the Golden Gate!


Tree hugger.
Tree hugger.



DSC_1223We’ll be continuing on north, all the way to Victoria to meet up with friends we haven’t seen in a decade. Still finishing up boat sale details, and happy that Hurricane Bud seems to have fizzled before reaching San Carlos. Iron Van is a hero on the twisty mountain roads, but we’ll get the brakes checked before heading to the Rockies; a long day at Powell’s Bookstore in Portland should give the mechanics enough time to make sure all is well.




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  1. Congratulations to you guys on a successful voyage and a relatively easy sale. We’ve enjoyed following along and hope to meet in person again some day. We’re going to put our old gal up for sale in Australia when we get there (hopefully in August) and then resume land life again too, at least for a while. We’ll be in Arizona if you’re ever nearby.

    • We were actually really close to you guys in early June, but figured you’d be busy getting ready to head back to the boat. Good luck finishing up with Del Viento!

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