What kind of week it has been

“I believe great people do things before they are ready.” ― Amy Poehler. Let’s hope so, Amy. Let’s hope so. Here’s how the week has been:

  • This week in documents: scanning financial and identity papers; notarizing travel docs allowing either parent to travel solo with the kids; enrolling in health care and being annoyed with Badgercare; notifying credit card companies of travel plans; setting up absentee balloting for the general election; finalizing homeowners’ insurance. I feel like that should have been one day of work, but somehow it has taken up most of the week.
  • Most embarrassing purchasing mistake: paying $100 for two pieces of advertising while picking up an order at West Marine. They were supposed to be encircling some valves; I assumed we were buying some kind of required warning sticker (seriously–there are a lot of strange pieces of information you’re required to post “in a visible area” on a boat in the US, particularly about not dumping oil into the water). Neither the clerk nor I though the price was unusual, apparently. I mean, it was West Marine…

Which one would you pay $50 for?

  • Rain, rain, rain, followed by actual snow flurries Saturday morning–all of which is inhibiting painting projects. Chance of frost tonight. Not the May we were hoping for.
  • Low point: discovering the squirrel’s nest directly above Michu’s garage workstation, and the subsequent rain of squirrel pee.
  • Something missing from this area...
    Something missing from this area…
  • Sprint versus marathon: obviously, this refit has been a grueling marathon of multi-year projects. It’s a slow but steady pace. Sometimes, though, you’re lucky enough to have a wonderful friend gift you a day of sprinting. Our friend Kevin came to the boat on Friday on a mission to help; he and Michu powered through some bottom painting, window work and traveler removal. We will not speak here of his horror at Michu’s “system” of “organization.” Thanks for all your help, Kevin!!
Kevin learns about the joy of boat ownership
Kevin learns about the joy of boat ownership


2 Comments on “What kind of week it has been

  1. Deb and Michu,
    Deb it was a pleasure meeting. I feel so bad that I didn’t get to “formally” say good-bye to either one of you today. I came back in the room but found that you had “snuck out” when nobody was looking 🙂 Deb, I look forward to reading about your great adventures and Michu I will miss your smile and friendly demeanor but I am so happy for you and your family. May you have the best experiences Life has to offer! Much Love and Happiness to be sent along on your voyage! Godspeed my Barroso friends!

    • Sorry…I didn’t edit my message very well. “Deb, it was a pleasure meeting you today”

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