Overwhelmed, in a good way

We know we would be required to dedicate some time to good-byes as we got close to departure. Oh, force us to drink a beer with you or have some dinner–I guess we’ll shoehorn you in! But I don’t think either of us was prepared for the generosity and affection that’s been thrown our way in recent days.

We mentioned our friend Kevin helping us out at the boat; well, Kevin isn’t the only one offering to lend a hand. We have friends watching our kids, friends wanting to do the grossest jobsĀ on the boat, and friends taking up the slack for us in our day-to-day life on a variety of fronts. I actually have an email in my inbox right now from someone I’ve never met–friends of a friend of my cousin–who want to come and help us out with final prep. How do you respond to generosity like that? It’s confounding.

One of the nurses at Michu's work made these cookies for his going away party. Amazing.
One of the nurses at Michu’s work made these cookies for his going away party. Amazing.

Departure parties and dinners are starting to pick up, as well. Yesterday, Michu and I went to a good-bye party at his work. Over the course of almost three hours, people from all over the hospital rolled through to say congratulations and good luck (and please for the love of god avoid the pirates), and we walked out with Wisconsin beer, a very stylish hat and enough sugary treats to take us all the way through departure. Also a toilet plunger. I mean, practical, I guess? We have a neighborhood party coming up on Friday, beer with friends tonight, and a slew of other dinners we’re trying to wedge in before the 12th.

She made these beautiful shell cookies, too!
She made these beautiful shell cookies, too!

Then there are the folks who are offering material support. There have been many, many friends who have stepped in with gifts ranging from SAM splints to straight-up cash–unasked for, but because they love us and are excited about our trip. I have been kind of wandering around bursting into tears a bit all day, thinking about this generosity, and this community that we’re leaving.

It is helpful to be planning our eventual return, and makes it less painful to leave these amazing friends, this family, this home of ours; it helps to temper the idea that we are completely insane to opt out of our current place in the world. But we are all wildly emotional right now, and the practical assistanceĀ being offered is paradoxically making it even harder to leave.

We are so, so grateful for all the help.

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    • So sad that I missed the party at work. Poor prioritizing on my part. I will miss working with your husband. I didn’t ever have to worry if the words came out wrong, he knew what I meant. He has helped me be a better nurse and a better person. You are very lucky indeed.
      Gail Krummen-Lee

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