Sunday Review (in honor of our last NYT Sunday delivery)

One more week down, two more weeks to go.

  • There are baby spiders hatching all over our boat. We have been killing them one by one. Consequently, there has been a lot of rain.

    That'll buff right out...
    That’ll buff right out…
  • So…a boat crashed into ours. That doesn’t happen too often on land. A boat right off our bow was being launched, and their pushpit got hung up on our anchor. The (brand new) bow roller was all tweaked. Fortunately, our boat neighbor saw it happening (thanks, Lars!); the yard guys were not fessing up. When asked about it, they said they’d just “straighten it out.” Uhm, no. New one on order, courtesy of the marina. We are very nervous about the proximity of another boat to our radar arch.
  • We’re sewing stuff. Curtains for the galley, sink skirt for the forward head, curtains for the saloon and nav station, hide-the-weird-stuff-on-the -top-of-the-holding-tank curtains. Am I doing this properly? Ha! Are the corners mitered? No! Am I squaring off the material? Sometimes! Is it still going to be an improvement of approximately 1000%? Absolutely. So glad I didn’t manage to get this work done in February. Where’s the fun in that? (Also–if we get to a point where I think I can make money from sewing stuff, please do not hire me. That way, we can still be friends.)
  • Many, many day trips to the boat. All projects between 40 and 85 percent done. We’re pushing for the point where all the messy, surface projects are done (ahem, cork in the v-berth), and Michu can just deal with hidden stuff (wiring, engine) while I clean and pack.
  • We have become very boring people. We expect every conversation to be centered around our departure, and expect to give the same answers over and over, so we become confused when that doesn’t happen. We are losing our ability to read social cues. We are very, very tired.
  • We are trying to keep our heads in the practical, day-to-day worklists–staying on task and on target. When we drift toward the philosophical, we get all freaked out. I had my first moment this week of waking up and sincerely disbelieving that we are making this change.

    And she left us flowers! Thanks, Aish!
    And she left us flowers! Thanks, Aish!
  • The hard drive died on our MacBook. At least, it was about to. Because of course it was. Replaced with a hybrid, hopefully for the duration…
  • Finally, Michu’s sister came and hung out with the kids all weekend. She totally won at Being An Aunt; swimming, ice cream, bookstore, sushi, board games–all the favorites. It’s helpful for us to be able to leave our kids, but their time with their Auntie was something they’ll remember and treasure. And thanks to all our other friends who’ve been lending us a hand with kid care!

    I look for this building every time we leave Milwaukee. The trees obscure the writing a bit; the sign reads, "Ride the pepper." Anyone know what that means?
    I look for this building every time we leave Milwaukee. It flashes by in an instant; I had to take this picture so Michu could see it for himself. The trees obscure the writing a bit; the sign reads, “RIDE THE PEPPER.”

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