It was not a good day.

It started well…Michu’s sister came to town to watch the kids! We were geared up on a variety of fronts! So much was going to be accomplished! Instead:

Yeah, that's an emergency room.
Yeah, that’s an emergency room.

There was a box cutter, and a slip of the wrist, and that was pretty much all she wrote. Michu’s fine–they decided to glue his thumb back together, although it could have probably used a couple of stitches; we continue to have insurance while we’re in the US, so it shouldn’t cost us too much; and he didn’t bleed on anything too important. Weekly round-up coming soon; meanwhile:

Totally fine!
Totally fine!

4 Comments on “It was not a good day.

    • He’s fine! He’s fine. The dermabond didn’t hold up, though…..

  1. Master and Commander : What an Adventure! I hope you sail to the edge of the world and come back with a major motion picture deal!

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